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Transform web visitors into prospects

Engage with website visitors in real-time, automate responses to queries, and gather contact details for follow-ups via text.

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Generate Conversations
that Boost Revenue

Real-Time Website Interaction

Instantly connect with website visitors. Initiate chats as soon as visitors land on your site to generate leads, schedule appointments, conduct virtual consultations, and perform various interactions without delay.

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Effortlessly address FAQs with AI

Grant your teams the space to tackle intricate tasks by relying on our AI chatbot, Robin, for streamlined and efficient customer support handling frequently asked questions.

Swiftly handle new leads

Immediate notifications ensure swift allocation of new business to the appropriate teams. Stay prepared to respond promptly with the MarketChair inbox, keeping you in the loop at all times.

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Enhance lead acquisition with webforms

Leverage forms to gather website leads, directing them straight to your Birdeye Inbox for personalized and tailored follow-ups.

Ready to gain market share with MarketChair?

Seamlessly manage customer interactions, elevate your reputation, and unlock exceptional growth – all from one intuitive platform. With AI-driven innovation and streamlined automation, MarketChair is your key to effortless scalability and exceptional customer experiences.

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