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Effortless Review Management Solution

Maximize reviews with minimal effort. Elevate your ranking and attract more customers using the exclusive AI-driven review software tailored for local businesses.

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The premier platform for managing local business reputations

Automated Campaigns

Efficiency meets effectiveness. Integrate MarketChair with your CRM to automate review requests, targeting the ideal customers at the perfect moments, without any manual effort.

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AI-Powered Responses

Effortlessly personalize your review responses on a large scale with AI assistance. Craft tailored, error-free responses instantly at the click of a button.

Oversee reviews across 200+ platforms

Monitor numerous top review sites through a centralized dashboard, ensuring a pristine reputation across all customer search avenues.

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Automated Review Responses

Ensure no review is left unattended. Effortlessly reply to reviews on a larger scale using automated response rules and personalized templates.

Ready to gain market share with MarketChair?

Seamlessly manage customer interactions, elevate your reputation, and unlock exceptional growth – all from one intuitive platform. With AI-driven innovation and streamlined automation, MarketChair is your key to effortless scalability and exceptional customer experiences.

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