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Social Media Management Solution

Craft social content swiftly, track engagement, and oversee social activities across multiple sites, all centralized within a single dashboard.

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All locations. All profiles. Streamlined into one user-friendly platform.

Multi-Site Social Management

While most social media tools lack multi-location support, MarketChair Social stands apart by centralizing all social profiles across diverse locations and networks. Enjoy a unified platform for publishing, engagement, and reporting, simplifying your social media.

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Organize your social schedule

Effortlessly schedule numerous posts across various accounts and networks while monitoring them through an intuitive visual calendar. Filter by date, status, channel, location, and region for seamless tracking.

Social Interaction Tracking

Connect with your audience in real-time with immediate notifications. Answer queries, reply to comments, and steer brand conversations through a centralized inbox for enhanced engagement.

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Location-Based Social Analytics

Evaluate best-performing content, social reach, engagement metrics, and audience expansion based on specific locations or regions. Unveil actionable insights and trends to fine-tune and optimize your social strategy.

Ready to gain market share with MarketChair?

Seamlessly manage customer interactions, elevate your reputation, and unlock exceptional growth – all from one intuitive platform. With AI-driven innovation and streamlined automation, MarketChair is your key to effortless scalability and exceptional customer experiences.

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