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MarketChair + Google

Claim market share with the most integrated Google partner. MarketChair empowers you to manage your Google presence effectively, surpass competitors, and drive increased revenue from Google platforms.

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The most complete Google solution for local businesses

Amplify Your Google Reviews

MarketChair's unique integration with Google's private API ensures superior response rates compared to CRM solutions, enhancing your visibility on the world's largest search engine.

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MarketChair's Google Bard AI Integration

Google Bard, Google's AI-powered conversational chatbot, seamlessly integrates with MarketChair's acclaimed platform, enabling local businesses to automate response management, expedite response times, and elevate overall customer experience.

Shine on Search Results

To secure a spot in Google's sought-after local map pack, a complete Google Business Profile is essential. With MarketChair, effortlessly create and manage precise and appealing business profiles across all your locations in just a few clicks.

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Direct Customer Engagement via Google Search and Maps

Being visible on search marks the start. With MarketChair Messaging, convert profile visitors into leads and then customers. Allow potential customers to message your business directly from Google Search and Maps. Monitor and oversee all customer interactions from a unified inbox.

Elevate Your Social Presence with Google Posts

Generate excitement around your brand using MarketChair Social. Capture attention with promotions, news, and fresh content through Google Posts. Effortlessly distribute social media content from a unified dashboard.

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Ready to gain market share with MarketChair?

Seamlessly manage customer interactions, elevate your reputation, and unlock exceptional growth – all from one intuitive platform. With AI-driven innovation and streamlined automation, MarketChair is your key to effortless scalability and exceptional customer experiences.

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